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“Are you missing the mark by focusing too much on the point”

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Here are the Top-10 issues behind data driving business growth to distraction: Tracking, Timing, Technology, Tips, Tasks, Terrorism, Trust, Tools, Team and Trends. This 38-minute webinar will address each one and provide actionable tips and ideas:

1 – Tracking – KTO-keep track of it all

2 – Timing – market, industry, global

3 – Technology – Faster than ever.

4 – Tips – “You can sell what you don’t know”; Knowing what you are selling and to all those throughout the channel.

5 – Tasks – ahead and looking back

6 – Terrorism – for purposes of this presentation, terrorism are events perpetrated by others against you. Trust are events or efforts of goodwill or negligence/incompetency by you.

8 – Trust – You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

7 – Tools – Human, Power, Quantum

9 – Team – Lead people, manage things

10 – Trends – Direct, not predict or react

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