Game startup Blade said it has raised a new round of funding

Thanks to VentureBeat – Game startup Blade said it has raised a new round of funding for its Shadow cloud gaming service from U.S. cable provider Charter Communications.

The new funding comes just a year after Shadow’s introduction in the United States and Europe. The amount of the investment wasn’t disclosed.

France-based Blade is launching the service regionally today, and it expects to cover all of North America within three months. The service goes live today in the West in California, Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada. It will be available in 16 additional East Coast states on August 9th, and then the whole continental U.S. will have the service by October.

The service allows you play high-end Windows 10 PC games on ordinary devices, such as a mainstream computer, an older PC, a big-screen smart TV, a laptop, a Mac, a tablet, or even a smartphone. I tried it out, playing games such as Fortnite, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and Project Cars 2 on a number of those devices. It was stunning to switch immediately from playing Ghost Recon Wildlands on a smartphone to a playing on a giant TV. The graphics looked flawless, and that’s why Blade believes it can charge $35 a month for the Shadow service.

Blade launched the service in France in November 2017 and then did a soft launch in California earlier this year to make sure that its platform and the accompany data center infrastructure can handle the load. Asher Kagan, CEO and founder, believes that Blade’s technology will be able to handle the load as more people sign up for the service.

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