Finalcad raises $40M

Despite being a $10 trillion industry, construction is not famed for its efficiency — a 2016 McKinsey reportsuggested that the industry ranks among the lowest in terms of productivity, in part due to a lack of digitization.

Against that backdrop, a number of technology startups have emerged to help construction firms optimize their operations. One of those is Paris-based Finalcad, which provides a range of software and analytics products to help construction companies manage processes and garner insights through predictive analytics.

Among its apps are Finalcad Live, which is essentially a platform for all the various parties to provide updates, including pictures, descriptions, details about issues, and general activity reports. It’s kind of like a social network for builds.

The main Finalcad app is where users can upload project blueprints, create punch lists, and more. Ultimately, it’s about joining the dots between foremen, site engineers, architects, and everyone else involved to discuss details across plan drawings, tasks, safety procedures, and progress.

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