Designed for MSPs, UC/VoIP Providers, Cloud and other tech companies – One-day Sales Manager Executive Seminar

Designed for MSPs, UC/VoIP Providers, Cloud and other tech companies, this one-day #SalesManager Executive Seminar is for First Time, Team Reboot, Refresh/Update/Benchmark, Business Turn Around and Growth Accelerator Managers. Get the PowerPoint presentation here. This one-day class will:

• Review proven leadership concepts to ”listen, learn, lead” and build a successful and long-lasting sales performance team.

• Look inside one’s own sales skills then engage and expand with colleagues and company culture, compensation challenges.

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• Develop and build your own sales leadership style and evaluate performance conditions for overcoming “plateau sales” performance and review compensation concepts.

• Overcome the “hire-fire” cycle and sales-revenue ramp slope and “gaps.”

• Learn effective skills for customer, public and other speaking.

• Build counter-intuitive approaches to typical customer crisis situations to build a win-win outcomes.

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• Work up and downstream to keep the team aligned with corporate metrics and goals to gain-retain customers and reduce the sales cycle.

• Explore new social selling concepts, future tech sales & tech trends.

• Engage in group and private discussions with proven industry sales leaders.

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Book today and delivery anytime in #2020 and get #BOGO – Click here for PowerPoint presentation or schedule for onsite/online to your group, please email or 303-594-1694 

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