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As we continue to remember 9/11, the world by all standards is not more stable but is actually significantly more vulnerable than that fateful day. A crisis management solution is a series of online tools/apps designed to assist, guide, track and manage all corporate communications activities in a timely manner. While we would like to think there is one term to describe responses in a crisis, there is not one type of crisis nor one word to cover all situations critical to any crisis communications. Increasingly, social networks are filled with toxic nonsense, mis and disinformation, weaponized media, shamers, haters, privacy violations, fake and deep fake which you cannot predict. You cannot react to all of this, you can only direct a strategy to manage personal and company messaging. The webinar will explore Top-10 reasons for acquiring and using a crisis management team as well as tools/apps as it is “not if but only when” a crisis, disaster or terrorist attack will happen.

Here are the Top 10 Critical Concepts webinar presented: Communications, Context, Contact, Collaboration, Connections, Consistency, Channels, Compliance, Cynchronicity and Customers will review, navigate and provide actionable tools to help you manage the upcoming crisis coming to you and your business.

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