Evan Kirstel Accelerating Customer’s Social Media & Business Performance

Thank you for taking a minute of your day to consider this great way to expand your business presence, accelerate revenues and industry thought leadership.

For more than a decade, Evan Kirstel has been a proven professional social business leader.  Growing his professional social business network to over 500K followers across all major  platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and others, he has helped more than 50 B2B tech clients Including Panasonic US, Ericsson, Intel, QUALCOMM and many others extend their business network reach and thought leadership. His connections are a “Who’s Who” of the B2B cloud, unified communications, IoT, IIoT, AI, big data, telecom and many other landscapes, and growing by thousands monthly.  He has been named as the top 20 most mentioned and REtweeted by both CIOs and CMOs as well as the #1 influencer in the telecom, cloud, IoT and many other areas.

To accomplish all of this B2B, social media requires commitment and perseverance working to drive thought leadership, connect new customers, prospects, influencers and business partners. Evan brings this persistence to expand your followers, connections and business leads on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn that will translate into new sales leads and increased traffic to your website.  The combination of perseverance and persistence with his extensive social influence, social business know-how, and passion for social networking could really help you drive social visibility & engagement with high value CIOs, business IT influencers, customers, analysts, journalists, channel partners, media and others.

He also operates collaboratively with a network of leading social media influencers to focus and create targeted business outcomes and develop and deliver interactive media through multiple digital and social channels. The success of his clients such as Ericsson, Intel and so many others has proven the value of adopting a strategic approach to digital and social media.

Social Media Business Delivery Model has three elements:

1 – Messaging – the context or messaging is set by you and is based on your specific business model, products, services and goals (both tactical and strategic),

2 – Amplification that delivers continuous daily-weekly messaging, engagement and continuity with your targeted audience; and/

3 – Engagement is accomplished through daily social media impressions, digital dialog (TwitterChats, Podcasts, Blog posts and Video streaming) and strategic event coverage. These activities are inclusive of your senior executives, subject matter experts and sales leaders. Success is driven by an ability to deliver repeatable social media marketing results which leads to improved sales pipeline and bottom-line revenue.

Social Media Business Delivery Model

            Online – Key promotion consists of weekly amplification of your content of 20 posts per month M-F via @evankirstel Twitter with more than 310,000+ Followers, LinkedIn with 57,000+ Followers and optionally Instagram with 75,000+ followers resulting in more than 30,000,000+ impressions per month with average resulting 2% clickthrough rate.  Get even more exposure with multiple daily and weekend posts.

            Onsite Events – per and ongoing event attendance that delivers “live” content and messaging related to targeted or unique activities.  Due to travel and other events situations, this delivery and messaging is provided on a custom basis, please email Evan Kirstel to discuss.

Thought Leadership

With hundreds of articles on Linkedin and other places, Evan is also a proven thought leader in cloud, multi-cloud, green cloud, DevOps, IoT, IIoT, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, digital transformation, medical tech, E2E supply chain, blockchain, 5G, mobile, wireless, smartphone, artificial intelligence, supply chains and many other key business areas.  He can provide short articles as well as more indepth white papers, executive interviews and more.  It is recommended that weekly and bi-weekly posts be completed as it is not “once and done.”


Combining thought leadership with more indepth content delivery and engagement webinars bring both “live” conversations with long-lasting archive and ondemand shelf-life. Twice monthly webinars keeps you “top of customer’s mind” in evaluating your solutions.

Bottom-line – Evan’s key differentiation is that he is the leading B2B industry thought leader and industry expert with a deep enterprise and technology knowledge. He knows how to find the keywords, key influencers, and themes that will help you align to the appropriate (technical, business, and marketing) with an expanding social business audience.

Please let me know if I can help you with any additional information and you are welcome to contact Evan email or the business manager Beth Blaney email to schedule discussions.

I can also provide you additional details on the nature and assistance to your specific needs.

Thank you for considering these exciting ways to accelerate your business efforts, market presence and thought leadership.

Regards, Tom Cross

Director – Marketing Communications

303-594-1694 or cross@gocross.com

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