Do a AI Market/Business Validation Before You Buy or Build an AI System or Solution – 30-minute Ondemand

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Critical Analysis for Buyers & Builders of AI Solutions and Technology – based on market and product research which can also be found in MindMeld – Merging Mental & Metal found in ibook

This 30-minute webinar will explore ideas on how to validate your AI Business/Product/Strategy now – in order to make AI pay for itself, provide real ROI or sell by the thousands to customers looking for solutions you a looking for.

We recommend at a minimum the following in a market/business validation:

– Build a long term view – figure out what you are really trying to do and also realize what AI is today will not be what it is tomorrow. From VentureBeat Summit, “AI is advancing quickly, “it’s very dynamic and changing, and the industry, and even the academics, underestimate the rate of change.”

– Focus on compelling business issue aka delivery logistics, complex customer order process, changing customer patterns and other complex issues that you don’t have an immediate solution or that your business is changing, and you want a new way to solve the problem.

– Explore both historical to new data – neither is important alone but both working together can find weaknesses and opportunities. History is certainly any guide for the future, however, at the very least you may find existing problems that will continue to exist unless something is done about them.

– Build for changing data analytics – more than just a better data “algorithm” model build an ever evolving data modeling process.

– Tracking and testing – simulate and then test “live” across customer pockets aka customer who live in warmer climates wear, eat, watch, do things differently than just a few hundred miles north.

– Build an AI business model – what is the goal and how does this AI system or approach fit into an immediate and long-term business model as well is this an internal business or external business to be sold to others.

And much more…

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