WakingApp raises $2.6M

WakingApp, provider of an Augmented Reality (AR) toolset that enables professionals to rapidly and easily create AR experiences, announced that it has secured $2.6M in funding led by Globis Capital Partners. This is in addition to the $9.5M in capital raised during their 5-year history.

CEO, Matan Libis said, “This injection of funds will help further our reach in the AR market through investments in our sales & marketing programs.”

This coming on the heels of Vuzix’s signing last month of a multi-year strategic partnership with WakingApp. In addition to Vuzix also participating in the recent funding round, WakingApp will support Vuzix’s augmented reality (AR) Smart Glasses products, and Vuzix will distribute copies of limited term licenses of the ENTiTi AR Creator platform to Vuzix developers and customers. Read More

Based in Tel Aviv and founded in 2013, WakingApp’s suite of technologies is designed to enable businesses to create augmented reality (AR) experiences, providing white-label solutions and native app integration. WakingApp’s platform, which is being used by thousands of designers and developers enables them to integrate content into existing mobile apps, create stand-alone AR apps, and update their content immediately, without submitting a new app to the App stores. WakingApp’s technologies and platform are used for training, advertising, healthcare, and the automotive industry.

For more information about WakingApp, please visit www.wakingapp.com

About WakingApp Ltd.

WakingApp has created an Augmented Reality (AR) toolset designed for and used by leading app design studios, social media app developers, architecture and construction firms. The WakingApp creator has been designed with the power to rapidly produce outstanding AR experiences as stand-alone apps or integrated into existing mobile apps (SDK). WakingApp has developed one of the industry’s most powerful 3D engines with physical based rendering (PBR) that has been specifically optimized for mobile. WakingApp has also developed ENTiTi 3.0 with image and QR tracking. It also supports cross-platform SLAM technology leveraging Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore.

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