Venture Capital Scoreboard 670+

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There are more than 670+ domestic and international venture capital companies, angel investors and independent venture capitalists, please click on image for PDF or scroll down below:

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Venture Capital Twitter Scoreboard

“VC’s are making key strategic investments in innovative seed, growth and late stage companies.  Since Google searches Twitter immediately – promoting them via Twitter can help them succeed.” – Evan Kirstel.

From Jack Dorsey – “When a leader, CEO or someone in a leadership position takes to the platform they have the opportunity to humanize their organization, make it feel smaller and relatable to people.”  CEO’s and companies are measured by many factors with social media presence rising to the top of the list.

Top Twitter CEO is Elon Musk with 22.7 million followers as well as the CEO with the most gains of 1.1 million new followers over the past three months as well as certainly the most engaged CEO with 3-Star rating.  The second fasting growing CEO on Twitter is Sundar Pichai of Google with 2.0 million followers up 160K followers.

In today’s business-political-social world, you are measured by many factors including the number of Twitter followers you have.  In fact, many surveys have found that websites in general are perceived as passive customer communication tools with Twitter being a far more proactive customer-engaging tool.  These surveys have also found an increasing number of customers go to your Twitter account before they go to your website doing “due diligence” on you looking for call-to-actions, thought leadership and content useful in their purchasing as well as customer complaints regarding your solution.  Your client may not have a Twitter business account, but they may have a personal account and their advisors may as well.  You can also see how in some small way John Legere’s Twitter efforts have also impacted the price of the stock.

Noted Twitter expert Evan Kirstel just named Top B2B-Business-to-Business Influencer with 228K and growing followers stated, “Twitter is not just way to meet new prospects and partners, it IS the way you run your company. If you aren’t engaged, your competition likely is!”  That is, CEO’s are beginning to see the real value of Twitter not just for their company but for their role as CEO in the company they run.  Evan added, “The ultimate value of any CEO is the price of the stock and social media can impact that.”

The purpose of this Venture Capital Scoreboard is not just about venture capital firms and Twitter profiles who list themselves as VC investors and accelerators, it is to recognize that social media presence really matters.  That is, the firm or person who has the highest number of followers is not the only measure of the VC’s social presence but certainly a viable one.  Like any other factor, Twitter postings reflect the company or person’s views of the world, their investments, views, goals and achievements.

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Note: Number of Followers can change dramatically as this will be updated monthly. 

We did not list companies who are not active in 2018.

Company Twitter Name Followers Notes
Y Combinator @ycombinator 1,040,000 Early stage
Goldman Sachs @GoldmanSachs 706,000 Merchant banking
500 Startups @500Startups 620,000 Building thriving ecosystems
GV @GVteam 567,000 Funding bold new companies
Reid Hoffman @reidhoffman 503,000 Investor
Sequoia @sequoia 486,000 Idea to IPO
Skill Foundation @SkollFoundation 457,000 Social investments
Andressen Horowitz @a16z 319,000 Software
Brad Feld @bfeld 304,000 VC at Foundry
BoschGlobal @BoschGlobal 229,000 Corporate VC
Accel @Accel 219,000 All phases of growth
Kleiner Perkins @kpcb 217,000 Forward-thinking
Founders Fund @peterthiel 196,000 Angel
Greylock @GreylockVC 194,000 Company builders
First Round @firstround 174,000 All phases from the moment not just first
True Ventures @trueventures 101,000 Early stage tech
Index Ventures @IndexVentures 82,900 All stages
Kolegraff Venture Capital @kolegraffvclink 82,500 Series A, B, C, D
Blackstone @blackstone 80,000 Leading investment
seedcamp @seedcamp 76,900 European seed
Mark Pincus @markpinc 74,700 Angel founder of zynga
Bessemer @BessemerVP 67,400 Early stage to growth
Union Square Ventures @usv 62,400 Thesis-driven VC
New Enteprise Assoc @NEA 61,600 Global VC
Rock Health @Rock_Health 60,800 Digital health
Omidyar Network @OmidyarNetwork 59,600 Philathropic investment firm
Highland Capital @HighlandCapital 56,100 Breakthrough companies
ENGIE @ ENGIEgroup 53,500 Corporate VC focused on energy
Spark Capital @sparkcapital 53,200 Exceptional founders
General Catalyst @gcvp 50,400 Early stage and transformational
Battery Ventures


48,000 Seed to growth
Breakthrough Energy @btenergy 47,100 Power technologies
DFJ Venture Capital @DFJvc 45,600 Think big
Astellas Pharma Corp VC @AstellasUS 44,700 Biopharma
Capital Factory @CapitalFactory 44,000 Incubator
Redpoint @redpointvc 42,300 New markets
Benchmark @benchmark 40,600 Software
Alexa Developers @alexadevs 40,300 Amazon developers fund
Pantera Capital @PanteraCapital 39,700 Digital currency and blockchain
E.ON SE @EON_SE_en 38,200 Energy
Balderton Capital @balderton 37,700 Europe’s largest early stage
Digital Currency Group @DCGco 37,100 Investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain
Tony Conrad @tonysphere 36,800 Partner True Ventures
Avaya @Avaya 36,400 Corporate VC in tech AI
Flybridge Capital @flybridge 32,300 Early stage
Hearst @Hearst 32,200 Diversified digital media
Collaborative Fund @collabfund 32,200 New tech
Seedrs @Seedrs 31,400 Invests in businesses you believe it
Blume Ventures @BlumeVentures 31,000 Startups in India
Forward Capital @ForwardPrt 30,200 Game-changing
Social Capital @socialcapital 29,400 Solving problems
Kapor Capital @KaporCapital 28,800 Seed stage
Silicon Valley Bank @SVB_Financial 28,700 Innovative ideas
Menlo Ventures @MenloVentures 28,300 Seed to growth
European Investment Bank @EIB 27,800 Funding smart home and others
Intel Capital @intelcapital 27,300 Building companies through partnership
Matrix Partners @MatrixPartners 27,100 Invest early and stay committed
ffvc @ffvc 26,500 Most engaged VC in NYC
Partech @PartechPartners 26,500 Global tech in San Fran, Paris, Berlin
Ff Venture Capital @ffvc 26,400 Tech investments
Early Stage @RRE 26,000 Early stage
RRE Ventures @RRE 25,800 Early stage
CRV @CRV 25,000 Enterprise, consumer, bio
AgFunder @AgFunder 24,800 Agtech and foodtech
Norwest @NorwestVP 24,700 Seed to late stage
Kalaari @Kalaari 24,400 India early stage
Accel India @Accel_India 23,000 Based in India
Upfront Ventures @upfrontvc 22,900 Wide range of investments
Motorola Solutions @MotoSolutions 22,400 Corporate VC
Dell Technologies Capital @DellTech 22,300 Dell VC
SV Angel @svangel 20,700 Angel investors in SFO
Converge @ConvergeVC 20,400 B2B tech
Lerer Hippeau @LererHippeau 19,700 Early stage in NYC
Greycroft @greycroftvc 19,700 Eary stage tech
betaworks @betaworks 19,600 Great companies
Obvious Ventures @obviousvc 18,900 Early stage health living
Kima Ventures @kimaventures 18,600 Funding two startups per week
Vulcan Inc @VulcanInc 18,500 Paul Allen’s ventures
Early Bird @EarlybirdVC 18,000 European tech
Entrepeur First @join_ef 18,500 Seed
Plug and Play @PlugandPlayTC 17,700 Global open innovation
FIS @FISGlobal 17,400 Fintech
Angels Ventures Mexico @AVM_Mex 16,900 Early stage healthcare, retail
Passion Capital @passioncapital 16,200 Early stage
Dreamit Ventures @dreamit 16,100 VC and accelerator
Passion Capital @passioncapital 16,000 UK
Backstage Capital @Backstage_Cap 15,900 Under-estimated founders
Homebrew @homebrew 15,400 Seed stage
Venrock @Venrock 15,300 Fintech
Cowboy Ventures @CowboyVC 15,200 Seed stage digital tech
Point Nine Capital @PointNineCap 14,900 Early stage SaaS and digital marketplace
ScaleVP @scalevp 14,800 Tech VC
Lighter Capital @LighterCapital  14,600 Non-dilutive capital
Qualcomm Corporate VC @QualcommVenture  14,500 Innovative startups
Atomico @atomico 14,200 International VC
Alven @alvencap  13,700 French early stage AI, SaaS, Security
Expa @expa 13,600 Entreprenur network funding startups
Nexus Venture Partners @NexusVP 13,200 Funding in US and India
Initialized Capital @Initialized 13,100 Seed stage before product market fit
Octopus Ventures @OctopusVentures 13,000 Multi stage European
UK Business Angels ‪‪@UKBAngels 12,800 UK Angels
Real Ventures @realventures 12,800 Canada’s most forward-thinking startups
Revolution @revolution 12,500 People and ideas
Hubraum tech @hubraum 12,400 Deutsche Telecom
Wellington Partners @wellingtonvc 12,400 Pan-european early stage
Ventech @Ventech_VC 12,200 Paris, Munich, Helsinki, Shanghai – in IT
K9 Ventures @K9Ventures 12,000 Pre-seed tech in Bay Area
AXA Venture Partners @AXAVentures 11,900 Enterprise, fintech, consumer
Pritzker Group @PritzkerVC 11,900 Helping entrepreneurs achieve greatness
Ariel Poler @ariel 11,900 Angel
Lightspeed @lightspeedvp 11,700 Early stage enterprise and consumer
Open View @OpenViewVenture 11,500 Expansion stage software
Phil black @MrVelvet 11,500 Angel
BDC Capital – Bank-led @BDC_Capital 11,400 Canadian investments
Mucker Capital @mucker 11,200 Pre and seed stage
Blackbird Ventures @blackbirdvc 11,000 Australia
Serena @serenavc  11,000 French AI, data-driven startups
Forerunner Ventures @ForerunnerVC 10,900 Commerce revolution
Bain Capital Ventures @BainCapVC 10,600 Disruptive B2B ideas
Elaia Partners @Elaia_Partners 10,600 Paris early stage B2B
Lux Capital @Lux_Capital 10,600 Early stage
Ben Holmes @bendotvc 10,600 Angel
Bryant Stibel @BryantStibel 10,600 Tech
Foundry Group @foundrygroup 10,500 Early stage, growth tech
StartX @StartX 10,400 Funding Stanford University ideas
360 Capital Partners @360CP 10,000 Paris, Milan, Berlin full scale innovation
OMERS Ventures @OMERSVentures 9,982 VC arm of Omers pension fund
Rockies Venture Club @RockiesVenture 9,928 Angel VC investing in Colorado
Seed Founders @SeedFounders 9,901 VC as a platform
First Mark @FirstMarkCap 9,468 Early stage in NY
Project A @ProjectAcom 9,428 Berlin-based early stage tech
Chicago Ventures @ChicagoVentures 9,329 Seed stage in Chicao and central region
Madrona Venture Group @MadronaVentures 9,294 Seed, early stage in Pacific Northwest
Rev1 Ventures @Rev1Ventures 9,094 Investor startup studio
Tech Coast Angels @Techcoastangels 8,853 Early stage in SoCal
Sales Force VC @SalesforceVC 8,814 Sales Force VC
Foundation Capital @FoundationCap 8,790 Venture matters
Atlas Venture @atlasventure 8.734 Early stage life sciences
Shasta Ventures @shasta 8,727 Creating epic products
Uncork Capital @uncorkcap 8,694 Seed stage
Cannan Partners @canaanpartners 8,691 Early stage tech – healtcare
OurCrowd @OurCrowd 8,585 Breakthrough tech
northzone @northzoneVC 8,533 Global companies
Advance Ventures @AdvanceVentures  8,455 IT, Fintech, Mobile, IoT
Emergence Capital @emergencecap 8,411 Early stage to long-term
Inovia Capital @inovia 8,371 Digital platforms
Lowercase Capital @Lowercase 8,356 Startups
MMC Ventures @MMC_Ventures 8,338 Early stage UK
Macquarie Group @Macquarie 8,232 Cybersecurity
Sherpa Capital @sherpa 8,231 Emerged consumer and enterprise
Creandum @creandum 8,028 Worldwide
HGTF @ HTGF 8,015 German seed stage in high tech
Applied Materials @Applied4Tech 7,992 VC arm
Playfair Capital @playfaircapital 7,927 Tech
Costanova Ventures @costanoavc 7,901 Change business
ERA @ERoundtable 7,806 Early stage VC and accelerator in NYC
Khosla Ventures @khoslaventures 7,732 Venture assistance
Venture Capital @venturedata 7,665 VC, PE, hedge fund
Aspect Ventures @AspectVC 7,551 Multi-platform, multi-device
R/GA Ventures @rgaventures 7,473 Groundbreaking tech
New York Angels @TheNYAngels 7,457 Angel funding
Data Collective @DCVC 7,330 Deep tech and AI
Eniac Ventures @EniacVC 7,238 Coding investments
Next View @NextViewVC 7,071 Everyday economy
GE Ventures @GE_Ventures 7,070 Software, healthcare, energy, manufacture
Rally Ventures @rallyvc 7,018 Early stage Big Data, cloud, SaaS, IoT
Hoxton Ventures @HoxtonVentures 6,953 Early stage in Europe
Tech Square Labs @TechSquare 6,934 Incubator and early stage VC in tech
FundersClub @FundersClub 6,867 Online VC
Georgian Partners @GeorgianPrtnrs 6,833 AI, security, privacy,
Felicis Ventures @felicis 6,775 Food, mental health and insurance
Viola Group @ViolaGroup  6,653 Israel’s leading tech investment group
AirTree Ventures @airtreevc 6,550 Australian and New Zealand VC
Idinvest @idinvest  6,503 Pan-European PE firm startups
Reach Fund @reachfund 6,494 Seeking education tech
EC1 Capital @EC1Capital 6,457 Seek, Series A in UK
AirTree Ventures @airtreevc 6,411 Australia & New Zealand cos
BBG Ventures @BBGVentures 6,408 Female builders
Square Peg Capital @SquarePegCap 6,407 Seed and early stage software
Karlin Ventures @KarlinVentures 6,397 Early stage based in LA
Draper Espirit @draperesprit 6,394 London
Hyde Park Venture Partners @hydeparkvp 6,390 Commercial scalability
Josh Goldman @VCjosh 6,358 Seed and early stage
Jerusalem Venture Partners @JVPVC 6,263 Digital media, cybersecurity, storage
ConsenSys @ConsenSys 6,125 Cyptocurrency blockchain
Doug Pepper @dougpepper 6,103 @Shasta Partner
Ventures Platform @vplatformhub 6,089 Smart capital Africa boldest startups
Mosaic Ventures @Mosaic_VC 6,167 UK
Frontline Ventures @Frontlinevc 6,001 Europe B2B
Raed Ventures @RaedVC 5,978 Saudi corporate VC
Female Founders Fund @fcubedvc 5,951 Investing in female talent
Comcast Ventures @ComcastVentures 5,758 Comcast Corporate VC
Runa Capital @RunaCapital 5,742 International B2B
Fortify Ventures @fortifyvc 5,732 Founders funding founders
Insights Ventures @insightpartners 5,686 Global VC and PE
XAngeVC @XAngeVC 5,622 Software
IP Group plc


5,618 TTO for Imperial College London
Astia @astiaglobal 5,544 Women-led high growth
High Alpha @highalpha 5,466 Venture studio cloud enterprise SaaS
Target Partners @targetpartners 5,422 Munich funding German, Austrian, Swiss
IVP @IVP 5,354 Later stage
The Riverside Company @TheRiversideCo 5,352 PE on lower end of middle market
Notion @NotionVC 5,323 European SaaS, Cloud tech
Cross Culture VC @CrossCultureVC 5,316 Early stage
VCT Token Capital @vivocapital 5,274 Blockchain healthcare
Verizon Ventures @VerizonVentures 5,236 Future of tech
White Star Capital @WhiteStarVC 5,233 Early stage international
Kickstart Seed Fund @KickstartFund 5,215 Seed in the Wild West
Polaris Partners @PolarisVC 5,143 Tech and healthcare
BlueYard Capital @blueyard 5,122 Transformative idea
Cultivation Capital @CultivationCap 4,903 Startups in tech and life sciences
Access Ventures @AcsVentures 4,886 Building creative economy
Anu @anuduggalnyc 4,871 Partner Female Founders
Microventures @microventures 4,858 Startup VC
Next World Capital @NextWorldCap 4,815 Early stage enterprise tech
LocalGlobe @localglobevc 5,111 Seed stage UK
Felix Capital @FelixCapital 4,769 Digital lifestyle and enabling tech
Bowery Capital @BoweryCapital 4,738 Early stage B2B
Case Foundation @CaseFoundation 4,728 Steve Case investments
Version One Ventures @VersionOneVC 4,661 SaaS
Better Ventures @BetterVentures 4,633 Building a better world
Rough Draft Ventures @roughdraftvc 4,489 General Catalyst VC for students
IA Ventures @iaventures 4,489 Early stage
Slow Ventures @slow 4,467 Never climb alone
Craig Blair @craigRblair 4,447 Partner at AirTree
Tank Stream Ventures @tankstreamvc 4,445 Early stage in Australia
GP Bullhound @GPBullhound 4,443 Investments and advisory
Peak Ventures @Peak_Ventures 4,422 Seed
Indexa Capital @IndexaCapital 4,416 In Spanish
Draper Associates @drapervc 4,388 Early stage blockchain
DN Capital @DNCapital 4,385 Early stage software and digital media
Aleph @aleph 4,331 Isreali companies startup to scaleup
Notational Capital @notationcapital 4,312 VC in Brooklyn be the “first check” $
Sophia Bendz @sophiabendz 4,273 Angel investor in AI marketing
Eight Roads Ventures @8roadsventures 4,266 Help entrepreneurs scale up
Mayfield Fund @MayfieldFund 4,254 Global VC
Placeholder @placeholdervc 4,252 VC in decentralizated information
Braemar Energy @BraemarEnergy 4,208 Middle stage energy
Eight Roads Ventures @8roadsventures 4,203 Global VC
STV @STVcapital 4,138 Saudi Technology Ventures
Advent Ventures @adventventures 4,137 UK tech and life sciences
SEED Capital Denmark @seed_capital 4,124 Largest VC in Denmark seed and pre-seed
Sapphire Ventures @SapphireVC 4,022 Scaling tech companies
K Fund @Kfundvc 3.962 Early stage in Spain @eventuresVC 3,925 Global VC with local funds
Pitango VC Israel @Pitango 3,924 Israel’s leading VC
Hostplus @Hostplus 3,919 Australia super fund
btov partners @btovPartners 3,903 European early stage digital industrial
Accomplice @Accomplices 3,895 Seed financing
Pioneer Square Labs @psl 3,882 Startup and early stage in Seattle
Astia Angels @AstiaAngel 3,865 Women-led high growth
The Yield Lab @TheYieldLab 3,769 Agtech
NextGenVP @NextGenVP 3,734 Early stage tech
Unilever VC @UnileverVenture 3,707 Consumer & enterprise
Sutian Dong @sutiandong 3,691 Partner at Female Founders
Storm Venture @stormventures 3,673 First early stage
Innovation Endeavors @iendeavors 3,632 Transformational tech
Fonds de solidarte FTQ @FondsFTQ 3,319 Quebec
OpenOcean @openoceanvc 3,612 European Series A
Primary VC @PrimaryVC 3,565 B2C B2B enterprise software
Accion Venture Lab (@accion) @AccionVLab 3,541 Investing in financial inclusion startups
Blumberg Capital @BlumbergCapital 3,510 Early stage
Hanse Ventures @ HanseVentures 3,499 Hamburg internet and mobile
Rincom VP @RinconVP 3,487 Seed early stage VC
Pear @pearvc 3,465 Early stage
Paua Ventures @pauaventures 3,443 Early stage tech
IrishAngels @IrishAngels 3,428 VC and angel firm early stage
GermanStartupsGroup @GermanStartupsG 3,382 German startups
Daphni @daphnipolis 3,371 New European VC
Precursor Ventures @PrecursorVC 3,357 Early stage and classic see
Ben Tompkins @b_tompkins 3,327 Managing Partner Draper Espirit
Arkley VC @ArkleyVC 3,323 Early stage hardware
Acclerace @AcceleraceDK 3,278 Seed stage in Danish startups
CT Innovations @CT_Innovate 3,259 Helping Connecticut businesses grow
Credo Ventures @CredoVentures 3,231 Early stage in central Europe
ACC New Zealand @ACCNZ 3,117 Space tech
Precursor Ventures @PrecursorVC 3,208 Seed stage
PROfounders Capital @profounders 3,083 VC backed by founders
Capnamic @Capnamic 3,030 Germany Tech innovation
M12 @M12vc 3,028 Microsoft Corporate VC
EQT Ventures @eqtventures 3,024 Global success
Crosscut @crosscutvc 3,002 Focused on LA companies
Sierra Ventures @Sierra_Ventures 2,986 Early stage BigData, Mobile, Security
Almaz Capital @AlmazCapital  2,897 Early stage in Eastern Europe
Next47 @next47 2,879 Corp VC of Siemens
Heavybit @heavybit 2,870 Developer products
Cendana Capital @CendanaCapital 2,784 Invests in seed VCs
Underscore VC @UnderscoreVC 2,797 AI
BlueRun Ventures @bluerunventures 2,755 Transforming industries
Amadeus Capital @AmadeusCapital 2,729 Global tech
NFX Guild @NFXGuild 2,717 Seed and Series A
Origin Ventures @OriginVentures 2,716 Software, digital content, online market
Bootsraplabs @bootstraplabs 2,635 AI
OCA Ventures @OCAVentures 2,606 Tech and services
Mach49 @mach_49 2,602 Corporate VC
iAngles @iAngelsCrowd 2,582 Israel startups
Cherry Ventures @CherryVentures 2,569 Founders first, investors second
Atlantic Bridge @atlanticbridgev 2,565 Europe-US cross border
SixThirty @SixThirty_630ft 2,544 Seed in Fintech
GAM Insights @GAMinsights 2,540 Trade and finance
WestTech Ventures @WestTechVC 2,539 Seed, pre-seed B2B and enterprise
Airbus Ventures @AirbusVentures 2,533 Global aerospace VC
Atlantic Bridge @atlanticbridgev 2,529 Tech growth
Albion Capital @AlbionCap 2,526 London tech medtech healthcare
BDMI Fund @BDMIFund 2,522 Investing in digital media
UVA Licsensing & Venture @UVALVG 2,518 EdUVA innovations to market
BGF Ventures @bgfventures 2,510 Early stage from UK
Episode 1 @Episode1VC 2,476 Early stage
Vision Fund @VisionFund 2,400 Microfinance
Boldstart ventures @Boldstartvc  2,359 Seed VC
McRock Capital @McRockCapital 2,354 IoT and IIoT
Delta Partners VC @DeltaVC 2,338 Early stage in Ireland and UK
Sinovation @sinovationvc 2,319 China AI
Playground Global @Playground_VC 2,296 Atoms, bits and AI
Boldstart Ventures @Boldstartvc 2,284 Enterprise stack
Ibex Investors @ibexinvestors 2,251 Tech
Rev1 Ventures @Rev1Ventures 2,248 Startups
.406 Ventures @406Ventures 2,220 Early stage B2B
IDEA Fund Partners @IDEAFund 2,202 Seed early stage in software, med tech
Iris Capital Corp VC @Iris_Capital 2,187 Europe and beyond
Relay Ventures @relayventures 2,117 Early stage focused on mobile
Rampersand @rampersand_fund 2,111 Australian tech
Dawn Capital @dawncapital 2,097 London VC early stage tech fintech saas
Diversity VC @diversityvc 2,087 Startups focused on diversity
General Atlantic @generalatlantic 2,072 Global growth equity
Rampersand @rampersand_fund 2,063 Early stage Australian startups
HealthTech Capital @HealthTechCap 2,062 Heathcare and IT
SafeguardScientifics @Safeguard 2,058 Healthcare, Fintech, digital media
iSelectFund @iSelectFund 2,052 No explanation
Great Oaks VC @GreatOaksVC 2,045 Early stage
Midven @Midven 1,993 Early and medium stage in UK midlands
XFactor Ventures @XFactorVentures 1,985 Billion dollar opportunities
Cisco Investments @Cisco_Invests 1,976 Innovation
DraperVentureNetwork @DraperNetwork 1,928 Independent VC funds in tech
JME Venture Capital @JME_Ventures 1,897 Early stage based in Madrid
Global Capital Partners @emreyuasa 1,897 Augmented reality
Citi Ventures Corp VC @CitiVentures  1,864 Fintech finserv
London Venture Partners @LondonVP 1,851 Seed stage gaming
Orange D. Ventures @Orange_DV 1,850 Corporate VC of Orange Group
Two Sigma Ventures @TwoSigmaVC 1,849 Early stage
Elevate Ventures @ElevateIN 1,841 Indiana-based early stage
Kernel Capital @Kernel_Capital 1,837 Ireland VC tech
Silverton Partners @silvertonvc 1,828 Austin early stage
Mobeus Equity @mobeusequity 1,814 Lower mid-market UK
Ignition Partners @ignitionVC 1,800 Early stage enterprise software
Edison Partners @edisonventure 1,796 Growth capital
Vertex Ventures @vertexventures 1,791 Global network
Chrysalis @ChrysalisVC 1,784 Early and growth in health and tech
SevenVentures @SevenVentures 1,744 B2C TV media
The VR Fund @TheVRFund 1,738 Virtual and augmented reality
InterWest Partners @InterWestVC 1,712 Tech and healthcare
Thrive Capital @ThriveCapital 1,703 AI
Correlation Ventures @CorrelationVC 1,679 Co-investment
Elavon @elavon 1,673 Fintech
Medici Ventures @medici_ventures 1,671 Advancing blockchain
ABS Capital Partners @ABSCapital 1,671 Later stage growth
Pillar @pillar_vc 1,660 Next generation
Courtside Ventures @CourtsideVC 1,659 Early stage tech, meda and entertainment
Oxford Capital @Oxford_Capital 1,657 British tech
Unicorn India @unicornindia 1,650 Early stage tech @Tribalvc 1,649 Irish seed and Series A
Fifth Wall Ventures @fifthwallvc 1,646 VC for “built world”
Firestartr @firestartrco 1,640 Digital seed to Series A
W.R.Berkley Corp VC @WRBerkleyCorp 1,634 Insurance co VC AI
Sand Hill Angels @SandHillAngels 1,631 Growth startups
CommerzVentures @commerzventures 1,625 Fintech and insurtech
Rubicon Ventures @RubiconVC 1,620 Early stage
Kenetic @KeneticCapital 1,600 Blockchain
Fika Ventures @fikavc 1,596 LA boutique seed fund
Seven Peaks @sevenpeaksvc 1,591 Oregon’s in early stage
Fly Ventures @FlyVC 1,569 Seed and pre-Series A European tech
MATH Venture Partners @MATH_V_P 1,550 Middle-stage
OAK HC/FT @oakhcft 1,540 Healthcare and Fintech
Comcast Catalyst @CVCatalyst 1,536 Comcast Corporate VC early stage
K5 @k5_Ventures 1,529 Early stage
Arthur Ventures @arthurventures 1,527 Growing software outside silicon valley
Grotech Ventures @GrotechVenture 1,526 Early stage
DCM @DCM_VC 1,523 Silicon Valley, China, Japan
Project 11 @p11 1,512 Tech seed stage
Brand Foundry @BrandFoundryVC 1,500 Consumer solutions
STC Ventures @stcventures 1,498 Part of @Iris_Capital focused on EMEA
capitalG @capitalgtweets 1,477 Alphabet funded
Chris Marks @bluenotevc 1,467 Tech
TCV @TCVTech 1,450 Growth stage tech
OAKVC @OakVC 1,447 Multistage VC
Backed VC @BackedVC 1,445 Europe tech
Beringea @Beringea 1,439 International in US and UK
Initial Capital @initialcapital 1,408 Seed and early stage gaming, social media
Adara Ventures @AdaraVentures 1,393 Early stage AI, big data, cybersecurity
Green D Ventures @GreenDVentures 1,391 Dartmouth-Alumni led ventures
Box Group @BoxGroup 1,379 Early stage tech
Fontinalis Partners @Fontinalis_FP 1,377 Next-gen mobility
Downing Ventures @downingventures 1,370 Early and growth stage
XSeed Capital @XSeedCapital 1,369 Building high-growth
Funding London @fundinglondon 1,357 UK Tech startups
RPM Ventures @rpmvc 1,356 Early stage
8vc @8vc 1,352 Silicon Valley tech VC
MagmaPartners @MagmaPartners 1,333 Seed in Latin America
ACT Venture Capital @ACTVC 1,332 Ireland tech
Jump Capital @jumpcapital 1,326 Expansion capital
Fabric Ventures @fabric_vc 1,316 Investing in decentralizated networks
Box Group @BoxGroup 1,313 Early stage tech
Humble vc @humbleventures 1,292 Democratizing access to capital
AME Cloud Ventures @AMECloudVC 1,285 Tech
Kizoo Technology Capital @Kizoo 1,269 Seed and early stage in SaaS, mobile
Floodgate Fund @floodgatefund 1,247 Earty stage
Future Perfect @futurepvc 1,242 Healthcare, fintech, mediatech
Broadway Angels @broadwayangels 1,231 Women Angels
M25 VC @M25vc 1,218 Mid-west early stage
Toyota AI Ventures @Toyota_AI_VC 1,190 AI
CIC plc @CambsInnovation 1,177 UK tech
TenOneTen Ventures @tenone10 1,132 Early stage
Chloe Capital @ChloeCapital 1,128 Investing in women-led
Icon Venture @iconventures 1,126 Passion and true grit
Beacon Capital @BeaconCap 1,109 Early stage enterprise tech
Propel Venture Partners @PropelVC 1,099 Fintech
Team8 @team8cyber 1,098 Not just investing but creating cybersecurity
Paladin Capital @Paladincap 1,096 Multi-stage PE
Frog Capital @frogcapital 1,080 Europe’s growth stage
Jackson Square Ventures @jsv_vc 1,080 SaaS and marketplace startups
Greenspring @GreenspringVC 1,049 Emerging tech like space
CrescentEnterprises @CrescentEnterp 1,048 Socially responsible
Next Coast Ventures @nextcoastVP 1,037 Austin – “big themes”
Venista Ventures @VenistaPress 1,010 Germany
Industry Ventures @IndustryVC 1,010 Liquity provider
Sigma Prime @sigmaprimev 1,005 Tech investments
Arboretum Ventures @ArboretumVC 992 Early stage healthcare and life sciences
Allied Minds @AlliedMinds 988 Academic and Gov research into products
Bullnet Capital @bullnetcapital 976 Spanish tech
Alumni Ventures Group @avgfunds 968 Portfolio angel VC investing
Zhen Capital @ZhenFund 964 China based seed
OrbiMed @OrbiMed 960 Medical
McKesson Ventures Corp VC @MCK_Ventures 943 Healthcare
Wildcat VC @wildcatvc 940 Early stage tech
Ridge Ventures @ridgevc 939 Startup, early stage for code and data
Refactor Capital @refactor 939 Early stage solving human problems
Optium Venture @OtiumVenture 938 Part of Optium Capital
Huron River VC @HuronRiverVC 938 Early stage energy, transpo, agtech
Cambridge Capital @CCGangels 936 Angel group UK
HOF Capital @HOFCapital 933 Taking companies global
Refactor Capital @refactor 920 Early stage human problems
DILA Capital @DILAcapital 913 Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem
Parkwalk @ParkwalkAdvisor 911 UK innovation
BIP Capital @BIPCapital 904 Exceptional startups
Horizon Ventures @HorizonsHK 903 Hong Kong distruptive tech
Signal Peak @Signal_Peak 900 Early stage
Frontier Capital @TheFrontierTeam 891 Software tech
Osage University Partners @OUP_VC 872 University startups
Breega Capital @BreegaVC 864 Paris started by entrepeurs
EnerTech Capital @EnerTechCap 853 Energy tech
March Capital @MarchCPs 851 Investing in Silicon Beach, Valley
Epic Ventures @epic_ventures 844 Early stage
Promus Ventures @PromusVentures 837 Early stage deep-tech
Meritech Capital @MeritechCapital 826 Late stage tech
Draper Nexus @DraperNexus 823 Early stage B2B
Legion Capital @LegionCapital 821 B2C financial services
F-Prime Capital @FPrimeCapital 814 Science
Sacramento Angels @sacangels 813 Angel investments
Quake Capital @quakecap 812 Early stage
Stage VP @stagevp 812 Seed stage B2B machine learning vision
Cormorant Capital @CormorantCap 787 Medical
Geekdom Fund @geekdomfund 781 Early stage
Green Venture Capital @GEvVC 779 Sustainable companies
MPM Capital @MPMCapital 770 Healtcare innovation
MW Partners @MWPartners_IO 770 Blockchain
Zetta Ventures @ZettaVentures 766 Co-lead pre-traction, post-data startups
Equinor Ventures @Equinor_Venture 761 Energy startups
Brilliant Ventures @brilliantvc 757 Commerce
Equinor Ventures @Equinor_Venture 756 VC in new energy solutions
Alliance Venture @AllianceVC 749 Early stage tech
Catanogia Capital @catagoniaberlin 742 Berlin tech VC
Glasswing Ventures @GlasswingVC 741 Early stage AI
VCDE VentureParners @VCDEvp 713 Visionary growth companies
IDG Capital @IDGCapital 708 US to China
Ridge Ventures @ridgevc 705 Early stage software
Golden Ventures @GoldenVentures 705 Seed stage
Telekom Capital @TelekomCapital 696 Global VC
Analytics @AnalyticsTown 696 Investing in IoT, AI, machine learning
Pelion VC @PelionVC 694 Early stage
Toba Capital @tobacap 690 Tech
Fiedler Capital @fiedlercap 687 VC in CEE & Baltic
Kin Capital @Kin_Capital 677 EIS SEIS SITR funds
Dieter von Holtzbrinck @DvHVentures 672 Early stage European
Force Over Mass @fomcap 662 Game changing ideas
AllegisCyber @AllegisCyber 661 Early stage for cybersecurity and analytics
UKI2S @UKI2S 655 Science from UK universities
Renaissance VC Fund @renvcf 653 Economic growth
Revel Partners @RevelPartners 651 Founders for Founders
Osage VenturePartners @OsageVP 648 B2B software
Catalyst Fund @CF_BFA 646 Catalyst accelerating fintech
Tech Square Ventures @techsquarevc 646 Seed and early stage tech
Engage Vm @engagevc 643 Fund and platform
Bits x Bites @bitsxbites 634 Food tech startups
Autotech Ventures @autotechvc 630 Ground transportation
Moderne Ventures @ModerneVentures 625 Tech
Castor Ventures @CastorVentures 617 MIT alumni investing in MIT alumni
Park City Angels @PCAngelNet 603 Angel seed
Camber Creek @Camber_Creek 601 Real estate tech
Spero Ventures @SperoVentures 599 Public spirited
Sorenson Capital @SorensonCap 594 Software, healthcare, aerospace, energy
Sunstone @SunstoneVC 589 Pan-european early stage
Peterson Ventures @PetersonVenture 582 Seed funding
Providence Partners @ppaacATX 579 Human capital staffing solutions
Fengshui Capital @FengshuiCapital 578 Blockchain
Alama Angels @Alamo_Angels 577 San Antonio Angels
Unusual VC @Unusual_VC 574 No explanation
Mangrove Capital @mangrovevc 573 Early stage
Highland Europe @HighlandEurope 572 Growth stage in Europe
Nyca Partners @nycapartners 571 Fintech VC
Cavalty Ventures @CavalryVC 571 Berlin pre-seed
Maniv Mobility @manivmobility 567 Safer, greener accessibility tech
Quantonation @Quantonation 565 Deep Physics and Quantum tech
Talis Capital @TalisCapital 556 UK VC
JOIN Capital @join_capital 537 Enterprise tech
WolverineVentureFund @WolverineFund 527 Student-run VC
Chrysalix VC @ChrysalixVC 523 AI, robotic, carbon, fusion, solar
Flare Capital @FlareCapital 520 Healthcare
August Capital @AugustCapital 519 Manufacturing
Indicator Ventures @IndicatorVC 517 Early stage digital
Omidyar Ventures @omidyarventures 512 VC and solely funded by @Pierre
Band of Angels @band_of_angels 512 Most active angel group in US
Flint Capital @FlintVC 509 Mobile, SaaS, Fin/Edtech, security
New Venture Partners @nvpllc 494 Corporate tech spinouts
Fresco Capital @frescocap 494 Global ecosystems
Royalstreetventures @RoyalStVentures 491 Early stage
Side Capital @SideCapital 490 Paris – distruptive companies
Cervin Ventures @cervinventures 487 Enterprise startups
Otium @OtiumCapital 482 European early stage
Sonae IM @SonaeIM 481 Retail and telecom
Resolute Ventures @ResoluteVC 479 Lead investor
Nekko Capital @NekkoCapital 469 Smart money
@navitascapital 409 Real estate construction tech
Shadow Ventures @shadowventures 401 Startups in tech-nascent communities
Allos Ventures @AllosVentures 395 Tech startups in mid-west
Updata Partners @UpdataPartners 390 Tech market
MassMutual Corp VC @MMVboston 381 Fintech
SAEV LLC @aevllc 380 Saudi Aramco ventures
Quantum Valley Invest @quantum_valley 377 Quantum computing
Boldstart Ventures @Boldstartvc 369 Seed enterprise stack
Globespan Cap @GlobespanCap 367 Global VC
Alphabit @alphabitfund 357 Focused on blockchain
Maryland Venture Fund @mdventurefund 357 Early stage to evergreen
Reflective Venture Partners @ReflectiveVP 355 Seattle
Bascom @BascomVentures 350 UW alumni in alumni ventures
Leading Edge Capital @LeadEdgeCapital 350 Late stage
IA Capital Group @iacapgroup 347 Fintech and insurtech
Ulu Ventures @uluventures 344 Early stage IT
IQ Capital Partners @IQ_Capital_Fund 337 UK early stage
LRVHealth @LRVHealth 335 Healthcare
PropTech Capital @Proptech_Cap 335 European VC and accelerator
Flying Fish Partners @flyingfishvc 327 Seattle
HiveMind Capital @hmcapital 325 Strategic investments in disruptive tech
One Way Ventures @onewayvc 323 Early stage backing immigrants
Valor Capital Group @valorcapgroup 318 US-Brazil cross border
Blue Bear Capital @BlueBearCap 315 Digital energy
ArcTern Ventures @ArcternVC 309 Cleantech VC
Betaworks VC @betaworksVC 306 Seed consumer behaviors
Accel-KRR @AccelKKR 299 Fintech
CMFG Ventues Corp VC @cmfgventures 285 Tech for credit unions
Edulmpact VC @EduImpact_VC 276 European Edtech
CRCM Ventures @CRCMVentures 270 Big ideas
Tiger Global @Tiger_Global 267 Scalable product manufacturing solutions
Verge Fund @VergeFund 266 Investing in New Mexico
Archer VC @gnmartin 257 Tech
NGEN Partners @ngenpartners 256 Agtech, health and wellness
Endure Capital @endureC 244 Tech
Ward Ventures @wardventures 246 PE and VC
TTV Capital @TTVCapital 238 Early stage fintech
Samsung Catalyst @SamsungCatalyst 237 Corporate multi-stage VC
Grandbanks Capital @GrandBanksCap 237 Cycle-tested early stage
Rosecliff Ventures @RosecliffVC 236 VC in NYC
Eutopia @EutopiaVC  235 New York – Paris early stage consumer
Techoperators @techoperators 235 Early stage tech & cybersecurity
Slater Technology Fund @SlaterTech_Fund 226 New ventures in Rhode Island
Tallwave Capital @TallwaveCapital 223 B2B tech
Excel VM @ExcelVenture 218 Healthcare
HLM Venture Partners @hlmvp 215 Digital health care & devices
Cipio Partners @cipiopartners 213 Growth capital & secondary direct
Ohio Innovation Fund @OhioInnoFund 209 VC committed to Ohio
TenEleven Ventures @1011vc 208 Security
BGV @BenhamouGlobalV 206 Early stage
Venture Capital @venture_capitaI 204 Swiss VC
Growth Capital Partners @GCP_invest 202 PE in UK SME
Trilogy Equity @TrilogyEquity 198 Developer apps
Foresite Capital @ForesiteCapital 195 Multi-stage healthcare and lifesciences
Inevitable Ventures @InevitableVC 191 No explanation and no website
Auctus Capital @AuctusCap 190 Seed capital Australia
World Innovation Lab @wilabcom 185 Cloud
Telstra Ventures @Telstraventures 182 High growth tech
4490 Ventures @4490Ventures 182 Early stage
Tavistock @tavistockplc 182 UK
Kennet Partners @KennetPartners 180 Software, internet, tech
EnergizeVC @EnergizeVc 175 Digital energy and industry
Eternal Capital @eternacapital 175 UK blockchain
Harbert Management @HarbertMgmtCorp 172 Growth stage
SineWave Ventures @SineWaveVC 171 Early stage commercial and public sector
Venture Investors @VI_Funds 171 Seed and early stage in mid-west
KSTC @kstc_ky 169 Kentucky Science and Technology Corp
Geodesic Capital @GeodesicCap 169 Late stage to enterprise and consumer tech
Hyperplane Venture Capital @HyperplaneVC 167 Deep tech VC in Boston
GobiPartners @GobiPartners 159 Software
StageOne Ventures @StageOneVC 157 Israeli enterprise and comm software
Pereg Ventures @PeregVentures 156 Early stage US and Isreali B2B
Borealis Ventures @BorealisVC 154 Healthcare
FPE Capital @FPECapital 154 High growth UK SME
Inven Capital @inven_capital 150 VC arm of European energy utility
Equal Ventures @EqualVentures 149 Capital with conviction
Next Frontier Capital @nextfrontiercap 148 Montana focused
Yamaha Motor Corp VC @_ymvsv 148 Robotics
WI Harper Capital @WIHarperGroup 138 Cross-border US – China investments
s28 Capital @s28capital 132 Curious minds
Aspire Ventures @AspireVC 130 Greater technology for greater good
QuestMark Partners @QuestMarkVC 128 Expansion, late-stage
LDVENTURES @LDRVENTURES 119 Fashion, consumer, lifestyle, tech, legal
Capitala Group @Capitala_Group 118 Healthcare
Forte Ventures @ForteVentures 113 Middle-stage partnering with corp VC
Solidus Capital @ SolidusCapital 112 Businesses in Colombia
Muse Capital @MuseCapital 112 Early stage angel consumer tech
NewSpring @NewSpring_PE 110 New growth
Alpha Edison @AlphaEdisonLA 107 Early stage
Oakhouse Partners @OakhouseVC 100 Breakthrough technologies
FITLAB @fitlabVC 99 Sports
Five Seasons Ventures @FiveSeasonsVC 95 European VC in agtech and foodtech
One Peak Partners @OnePeakPartners 94 Tech in Europe
Powerplant Ventures @powerplantvc 86 Re-inventing food system
UpHonest Capital @UpHonestCapital 85 Early stage in US and China
Ocean Azul Partners @Ocean_Azul 83 Seed Early stage solving future problems
Propagator Ventures @PropagatorVC 80 Early stage AI/ML, robotics
Cielo Property Group @CieloProperty 77 Real estate investment groups
Brainchild Holdings @brainchildHLD 76 Follow-on capital
Elysican Park @ElysianParkVC 76 Any stage sports, tech and entertainment
CE Venture @ce_ventures 70 P2P Lending
Turn/River Capital @turnrivercap 64 Helping tech through growth & exit
VMG Partners @vmg_partners 63 Consumer brands
Impulse VC @ImpulseVC 61 Moscow early sage cloud, IoT, big data
GingerBread Capital @GingerBreadCap 57 Women founders in high growth
CrowdOut Capital @crowdout 56 High interest investments
Hippocrates Ventures @hippocratesvc 52 Healthcare
The Westly Group @TheWestlyGroup 48 Smart cities
5AM Ventures @5amVentures 47 Pharma life sciences
Morpheus Ventures @MorpheusVC 41 Awesome companies
New Leaf Ventures @nlvpartners 48 Healthcare
Delta Catalysts @DeltaCatalysts 49 PE, VC, Angel, more
Morningside PI @MorningsidePI 33 Private investment in services, distribution
Kitty Cat Capital @kittycatcapital 29 Women into investing
Capital300 @capital300 29 Fintech international expansion
KingSett Capital @kingsettcapital 28 Real estate tech
FirstLine VP @FirstLine_VP 27 Canadian environmental and health
TEV Tengelmann Ventures @TEV_Investment 26 Early stage consumer and digital services
Venturepreneur Hub @globaltamilVC 22 Growth stage in Tamil
Maschmeyer Group @_MGVentures 20 Early stage in San Francisco
Greatpoint Ventures @GreatPointVC 19 No posts
Cross Creek Ventures @CrossCreekV 18 Early stage tech
Lucas Venture Group @LucasVenture 17 No posts
Streamlined Ventures @streamlinedvc 17 Apps
Shada Group @shanda_group 16 Bio
Emerge Ventures @investinemerge 15 Incubator and fund in Baltimore
Blackhorn Ventures @BlackhornVC 13 Not sure
GPG @gpgventures 13 AI
Iconiq Capital @ICONIQ_Capital 11 Not sure
Tsingyan Ventures @TsingyuanVC 9 China-US VC
First Leaf Capita @FirstLeafCap  8 Central Illinois investment
Break Trail Ventures @BreakVentures  6 No posts – early stage
Calibrate Ventures @CalibrateVC 4 No posts
Gen7 @gen7investments 3 New and diverse businesses
MSD Partners @msd_partners 3 Healthcare
Greenbox Venture Partners @greenboxvp 1 Healthcare
ICONIQ Capital @ICONIQ_Capital NA Protected

Please suggest any missing names.


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