Pitch raises $19 million to build a new platform for content collaboration & presentations

Pitch, a technology startup from Berlin, today announced a $19 million Series A funding round led by Index Ventures and its existing investor BlueYard. Further new investors include Slack Fund, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan, Framer CEO Koen Bok, Elastic Co-Founder Simon Willnauer, Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel, Wunderlist-backer Frank Thelen, and Metalab Founder Andrew Wilkinson.

Presentations have defined entire industries, architected how organisations function, how work itself is shaped and how information and knowledge is conveyed throughout markets and societies. They impact the lives and businesses of hundreds of millions of users every day, with billions of hours spent on crafting and delivering presentations. Yet the tools widely used today have remained more-or-less within the same paradigm since many years. The existing tools are sometimes a bit complex, sometimes do not integrate with external data sources and have limited collaboration features. Pitch is here to change that.

Started in January 2018 by the founding team behind Wunderlist, the leading to-do app which was acquired by Microsoft in 2015, Pitch is using modern web technologies, data integrations and team-oriented features to empower true collaboration. Pitch aims to make it significantly faster and easier for impactful presentations to be created and shared – both by individuals and teams.

“This is a transformational time for business software, where innovation and thoughtful design is resetting expectations and reimagining the user experience. Yet presentation tools have not kept pace with technology and feel unnecessarily complex and difficult to use. There needs to be something new, different and substantially better,” said Christian Reber, CEO and founder of Pitch.

He continued: “Pitch is a new beginning. We set out to rethink how individuals and teams express ideas, collaborate and communicate progress, and support their decision-making with well understood data. The result is an ambitious vision to build an open platform and radically improve the way presentations are crafted and knowledge is shared. A new paradigm, designed for everyone, made for teams.”

Neil Rimer, partner at Index Ventures, who joins the Pitch board added: “Pitch is one of Europe’s few true product-centric companies breaking new ground in software for businesses. From messaging to file sharing, software companies like Slack and Dropbox have transformed how teams work together and unlocked greater productivity as a result. We believe Pitch has the potential to redefine the presentation space and become a central hub for content collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and ultimately a platform for better decision-making.”

With total funding now of impressive $22 million, the latest investment will be used to grow the team in design, engineering, and marketing – and to bring the product to market.

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