CloudKnox Security Raises $10.75M in Funding

CloudKnox Security, a Sunnyvale, CA-based provider of a cloud security platform, raised $10.75m in funding.

The round was led by ClearSky Security with participation from Dell Technologies Capital and Foundation Capital.

The company will use the funding to rapidly grow its engineering, sales and marketing teams.

Led by Balaji Parimi, CEO and founder, CloudKnox Security provides has launched the CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform, which is purpose-built to detect, remediate and prevent risks across hybrid-cloud infrastructure. The company’s platform provides enterprises with a smart way to reduce the risks against compromised credentials, accidents and insider threats by utilizing Activity-Based Access Controls.
This enables customers to detect identities (service accounts, APIs, bots, contractors or employees) with unused privileges based on actual activities versus static roles, and remediate by revoking unused high-risk privileges.
CloudKnox autonomously prevents risks as it learns what activities identities are performing and enables organizations to dynamically and instantly revoke or grant privileges based on actual needs.

The platform centralizes identity privilege authorization across all private and public clouds, such as VMware vSphere, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. It also integrates with existing IT service workflow management tools for escalation approval workflows and run in read-only mode while still providing all the remediation benefits by creating scripts and policies that administrators can apply manually.

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