3DEN Raises $2 Million Seed Round

3DEN (pronounced “Eden”), the second generation of the “third place,” today announced the raise of a $2 million seed round co-led by b8ta and Graphene Ventures. The funding will be used to open 3DEN’s first location within The Shops at Hudson Yards (Level 4), with a grand opening set for March 15, 2019.

“3DEN brings a fresh take and thoughtful approach to a curated space that accommodates the needs of guests during their busy days.”Tweet this

The round also includes participation from Colle Capital Partners; The Stable; JTRE; Clark Valberg, co-founder & CEO of InVision; Casey Carl, former Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of Target; and Andrew Lee, founder of Firebase.

3DEN’s space-as-a-service is an entirely new concept that provides a respite from today’s intense lifestyle of burnout, hustle and all-consuming worklife. Based on the idea of the “third place,” 3DEN is a haven between home and work where individuals’ unique needs can be met. Guests can unwind and catch up on life during the in-between moments of their busy days, or refresh for wherever they’re headed next. Each space within 3DEN provides guests with premium yet practical amenities including Casper nap pods for quick shut-eye, a spacious lounge and alcove seating with no distractions in sight, a meditation room for a moment of zen, soundproof phone booths, pristine bathrooms with private showers and more. A nature-inspired design permeates the entire space to foster ease, focus, and disconnect from the “rise and grind” mentality of today’s society.

3DEN is accessible through a non-membership, pay-as-you-use model, unlocking amenities that are typically only available through exorbitant membership fees. Starting at $6 for 30 minutes, guests simply create an account through 3DEN’s app, which they also use to access the space, complete purchases such as food and drink via automated checkout, view amenity availability and make reservations.

“3DEN is a first-of-its-kind destination that aggregates the disparate offerings of coffee shops, hotel lobbies and gyms into a purpose-built, convenient and reliable space that meets people’s everyday needs,” said Ben Silver, Founder and CEO of 3DEN. “3DEN is an evolution of the ‘third place,’ a new urban respite, and we’re excited to bring our vision to life with our first location at Hudson Yards.”

To ensure guests have everything they need to make the most of their time at 3DEN, the company partners with leading brands across health and wellness, beauty, food and more. This provides a curated retail experience that is functional, yet unobtrusive and blends into the entire 3DEN experience. Products sold at 3DEN are carefully selected and constantly revolving based on highly-granulated location data, ensuring that the products properly fulfill guests’ needs.

“As creators of retail-as-a-service model, we are excited with how 3DEN is redefining the physical space to make it engaging, creating an environment that blends hospitality, technology and commerce in a unique approach that puts the guest at the center of the experience,” said Phillip Raub, Founder and President of b8ta.

“At Graphene, we pride ourselves on innovating and being flexible in everything we do — and we saw these same core values in 3DEN,” said Nabil Alnoor Borhanu, President and Managing Director of Graphene Ventures. “3DEN brings a fresh take and thoughtful approach to a curated space that accommodates the needs of guests during their busy days.”

Additional 3DEN locations will open throughout New York City in 2019. To learn more about 3DEN, please visit www.goto3DEN.com.


3DEN (pronounced “Eden”) is the second generation of the “third place.” A non-membership, pay-as-you-use destination, 3DEN offers convenient and luxury amenities including sound-proof phone booths, nap pods, a spacious lounge, refreshments, private showers and more. With a nature-inspired design that fosters ease and focus, it’s the “third place” between home and work where you can get things done and refresh for wherever you’re headed next. The 3DEN app allows guests to reserve amenities in advance, as well as purchase any of the products they discover while in the space. 3DEN’s first location opens inside Hudson Yards March 2019, with a network of additional locations launching throughout New York City this year. For more information, go to www.goto3DEN.com.

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